Error in editing data from submitted forms

I’m trying to edit data from submitted forms as a version of my form did not include a question. I was able to edit some data, but the error message below appeared.

Error message - TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating ‘this.form.repeatPathPrefixes’)

I also attached the screenshot for your reference.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Hello to everyone,
I’m facing a similar problem with all of my projects and the colleagues at the field cannot submit records.

the TypeError message is

this.form.repeatPathPrefices is null

I have also seen the following TypeError message

this.form.repeatPathPrefices is not iterable

Thank you in advance for all of your effords.

Thank you, @channyein_86, @tterzopoulosMig, @muhammetburcu. We are investigating the issue and will update you soon (when it’s fixed).

Thank you for being so patient, @channyein_86, @tterzopoulosMig, @muhammetburcu. The issue has been fixed.

For details, please see this announcement:

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