Error in Enketo when calculating distance from a geotrace

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We collect data on ODK Collect (version 2022.1.2) and use Enketo on KoboToolBox to modify the submissions.

On the form, we have 6 parcels in a submission and for each parcel we take a geotrace. From the geotrace, it calculates the distance.
The distance is calculated for the 6 parcels on ODK.
It works for 5 parcels only on Enketo: for the last one the distance is NaN whereas it should be calculated.

For the parcel with the error, the geotrace is well defined.


Hi @it_emm_jos, so you mean, it works fine with the Collect android app but is an issue with Enketo?

Hi, thanks you for your answer.
Yes exactly: it works well on ODK Android App but for 5 parcels out of 6 only on Enketo.


@it_emm_jos, I don’t know if this should help but would you mind having a look at our previously discussed post:

Maybe it should give you some clue to solve your issue. I tried this with Enketo and it worked for me though.

The solution is actually that Enkêto duplicates some GPS points.
When deleting duplicated points, the distance calculation works well.


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Thank you, @it_emm_jos, for updating this with the entire community!

Hello @it_emm_jos,
If you think this is a bug in Enketo, could you, please, document it in detail (bug template) and with a reproducible example?
I remember some issues in the forum in the past concerning duplicates with geoshape.