Error in preview and redeploy and other errors

I have problems with my questionnaire form.
First, in the preview in different questions, the option “others” was reported 3-4 times but when editing the form it was all ok, just 1 option for “others”.
If I click “redeploy” I get this response:
Unexpected KoBoCAT error 400: {“detail”:"[row : 10] List name not in choices sheet: iy1cf35"}
and If i click “preview” I get:
Error generating preview

What can I do?

Hi @anna1,

Welcome to the community! Looking at your error message, it seems that in one of your questions (in the survey tab, row 10) you have mentioned to select choices from iy1cf35 but looking at the same in the choices sheet (i.e. under the list name) iy1cf35 is missing.

As a quick workaround, download your xlsform from the KoBoToolbox Form Builder User Interface following the instructions outlined here and then quickly scan for what i have highlighted. Fix the issue, replace the xlsform and then redeploy/deploy the survey form. Your issue should be solved.

Have a great day!