Error message while viewing DATA>Table

Hi @uctfo7,

Could you kindly please elaborate your issue and also provide us with screenshots so that we would be able to understand your issue better.

Hi sir, I have a problem regarding on viewing the data table. How can I fix this? Thank you.

Hi sir, this one

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A quick question, were you able to view data from DATA>Table previously or did you face the issue recently?

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Yes I can view it previously but now I can’t view the Reports and the Data Table :frowning: How can I fix this sir? Can you help me? Thank you :frowning:

I can confirm that i am too unable to view the data from DATA>Table. FYI,

When was the last time you viewed your data without any issue? What was the submission count when you were able to view without any issue? At the moment i see that the total number of submissions is 117516 submissions.

Oh no, how can we fix it sir? We need to check and update the data we received sir :frowning:

Could you kindly help us solve your issue by providing us additional details like …

  • When was the last time you viewed your data without any issue?
  • At that time what was the total number of submissions?
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Sorry sir, but I forgot when did I last viewed the data table without any issue and I also forgot how many submissions that time :frowning:

Well in this, it’s OK. Will flag this issue to our developers and let you know when i hear back from them.

Thank you sir, I hope I can receive a feedback from you this week so that I can fix the wrong inputted datas of the field staffs :frowning:

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Good evening sir, excuse me, any update on my concern? :slight_smile: Thank you

Will let you know when it’s solved.

Okay sir, thank you.

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