Error trying to parse XML record. Different root nodes


i am having this issue with my form

please let me know what to do

i ran the online validator (ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x) i got: Error: Duplicate column header: Date
the other forms i have are not facing any issue and the online validator gets the same error.

please do let me know of the solution.


@skasmani, when do you get this error message? Is it when you try to collect data through the webform or when you try to edit a submission?

It is when i try to edit a submission

@skasmani, which server are you using? Is this an issue with only a single submission or is it an issue with multiple submissions?

Your Excel form seems to have two columns with the same (KoBo) name in one of the sheets. Can you check and correct this, please.

kobo has been hosted on our own server
the issue is with multiple submission

the other forms with the same columns which are working well dont bring up any errors @wroos

I think, there is definitely a duplicate problem in column names of this form version. Can you check all column names in all sheets, please.

i deleted the duplicate column; it is still bringing the same error

Did you re-check with the validator and re-deploy after the delete?
As long as the validator shows duplicate error, there are probably duplicate in column names. Would you mind to review again in all sheets.

If you still cannot find it, you may share an extract or screenshot of yor form with all column headers (all sheets).

@skasmani, @wroos we have a GitHub issue ready that should solve this issue: