Error while downloading blank form

Hi I am getting error at the time of downloading blank form in mobile app

Welcome to the community, @divyang! Have you gone through our support article Collecting Data with KoBoCollect on Android? It should help you configure your Collect android app and download the blank forms to your device.

Yes I have gone through that and all things are in order. Only at the time of downloading blank form failure message pop up

Would you mind checking if your device has both ODK Collect android app and KoBoCollect android app? If yes, could you keep one of them and uninstall the other one you are not using? Maybe this should solve your issue.

I am only having Kobo collect in my device and demouser forms are downloading swiftly but this form is showing inlist but at the time of download error message pop ups

Would you mind trying it out on a different device and see if you are able to pull it out successfully there?

Hi ! I have the same problem described above. The other forms are downloaded with success. But it’s just the last one. The problem persists on other devices and with other users I shared the form with.

I should maybe mention that I created the form with odkbuild 0.3.5 on windows and exported it to .xlsx. But this is not the first time I’m using it and it has always worked well.

The form works well with enketo online.

Welcome to the community, @mawill607! This may happen when you have issues with your xlsform. Try validating them with this online validator and verify them manually. You should be able to solve your issue. If you still have issues, please feel free to share your xlsform with the community. The community should be able to help you out.

Thank you so much for your support.
After checking my xlsform manually, it’s was a choice left without label in the choicelist. I deleted it and then the download worked successfully.

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Thank you for confirming and sharing your solution with the entire community, @mawill607! This should help a lot of other users having similar issues.

Dear members,
Most of the errors when downloading blank forms are normally attributed to errors introduced when editing the form on the formbuilder. It normally helps to try previewing a form upon any edits on the formbuilder. The preview helps you identify potential problems that can be resolved, thus allowing for future downloads.

All the best in creation of your projects.


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