Errors with repeating group

Hi all,
I created a form with repeating group. I was using it without any problems until now. When I open the form an error message shows up : “TypeError: this.form.repeatPathPrefixes is not iterable”. Is there anyone gets the same problem and how to solve it.
Thank you all.


I also have the same issue and it happened today. It’s related to online forms only because the forms are working on Android. I hope we get a reply soon.

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Hi @manh_nguyen,

It seems like a general issue, let’s try to keep it under one topic: TypeError: this.form.repeatPathPrefixes is not iterable


Thank you for bringing this to the community, @manh_nguyen and @Isslam! We are investigating the issue and will shortly update you when the issue is fixed.

Thank you for being so patient, @manh_nguyen, @Isslam. The issue has been fixed.

For details, please see this announcement: