Excel analyser disaggregate not working

I am new to Excel analyzer but have watched many of the recommended videos and looked over the user manual. For much of my survey data, I am interested in looking at the results for different questions disaggregated by country (which was a multiple choice question) or other closed, multi-choice question types. In the choice and unique sheet, I can display variables on the left side but when I try to disaggregate by country or other similar variables (region, etc.) it shows me nothing on the right-hand side. Or sometimes strange things happen on the right-hand side (like some of the response options appear to work but not others do not for dissaggregate). Yet the country variable works to disaggregate on the value sheet. I have changed the formatting (from general, to text, to number) in the datasheet and this has not seemed to help. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Hi @hillyb7,

You should not have any issues! I just made a check with my dummy data and it works. Maybe it would be helpful if you go through the video tutorials:

Okay, I can rewatch the videos again but I did all the formatting and fixes in video 8a. This is what it looks like when trying to disaggregate by the variable ‘country’ (which was a multiple choice variable, screenshot of the datasheet included) in choices or unique. On the choices sheet, nothing shows up for disaggregate, on the unique sheet, only the country that has no responses (Sierra Leone) shows up, but there isn’t anything in the

chart. .

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It would be easy for us to support once you go through the video tutorial. If still you are not able to solve your issue kindly please reach us back. We shall be happy to help you out.

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