Excel database linked to KoBo won't refresh the data set

A part of my colleague’s handover was transferring all databases to myself. Everything was working until last week when our biggest database stopped and I was unable to refresh the dataset to pull new data from KoBo. It kept giving me an error regarding credentials, however, I have checked and everything seems to be fine. I believe that it might have something to do with the Data Source. The version my database kept pulling data from has “v1” in the link, and going through KoBoToolbox Building API, I found that the link now has “v2” in the link.

Hi @emirsulejmanovic, indeed the api end-point updated to v2.

You can check the updated help articles:

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If I change the data source in the database, will it affect the rest of the data in the sheet?

@emirsulejmanovic, maybe you could try to make a fresh connection as advised by @hakan_cetinkaya.

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The existing connection I have is the query in the workbook, which is failing to refresh and is giving me a data source error. Does changing the connection mean changing the query in this case? Do you have a step-by step guide on the connections?

@emirsulejmanovic, does it fail to refresh when you add or remove some questions to your survey? If this is the case, maybe you could follow the solution provided in one of our posts: