"Export Failed" error message while downloading data


I am Facing “Export Failed” error message while downloading data. I tried with the instruction of cloning xlsform but it didn’t work. I am not getting repeated gruop data. How can I get the data. Please help me on this issue.

Thanks and regards

Welcome to the community, @dataanalyticbd! Did you have repeat group questions in your survey project? Did you redeploy your survey project?

Yes I have repeated group data in my survey and I have also done redeploy to my survey.

While you redeployed your survey project, did you make any changes to the repeat group?

In the previous version, I forgot to name the repeated group I named and redeployed it. But still not getting repeated group data. My field data collection has been completed. So now I need the database properly. I don’t have much time to analyze. So It will be appreciated if you please download the database for me and send it to me. I need your personal inbox address to share survey name and account.


Dear, Unfortunately, I am facing the same problem when I am trying to download the multi versions, in the same time when I download the last version the old data collected by the field team (Repeated groups) are missing. Would please help

Welcome to the community, @Mahmut! Could you share with us a screenshot of the same?

Dear Kal,

The error started by giving the below message then changed to the second message.

Knowing that the time I downloaded the data and discovered the issue I filled 4 surveys 3 from the mobile program and one by using the online link and the data downloaded correctly.


This is the second photo

@Mahmut, would you mind downloading your data as XLS (legacy) format?

@dataanalyticbd, @Mahmut, the issue has been resolved with this fix: