Exporting Kobo data to Word


I would like to use Kobo for auto-populating a Word template for monitoring visits.

For instance:

  1. User inserts data in Kobo;
  2. Clicks on “submit”; and
  3. Can click on “Generate Word” for each submission.

Do you think this is feasible, and are there practical options to make it happen - e.g., through Power Automate?


I am also looking for such a functionality, at the admin level as well. Earlier I had requested something on the similar lines here

You can script a plain text file using the data from the submissions. It can be in HTML format with whatever formatting you want, so this can solve your requirement.


Hi @ks_1

can you please guide , how to do this


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Unfortunately this is not possible on the system.

I stumbled upon a solution. There is a google chrome extension which captures elements of a webpage, effectively enabling the user to capture a single submission as image file. it is called ‘HTML Elements Screenshot’

works for all chromium based browsers like Microsoft edge, Google Chrome etc.
Hope this helps.
Pros: it is free tool
Cons: image data of the submission is not captured. Atleast, i couldn’t figure out a way to do it.

Another option is the extension called ‘Fireshot

The pro (paid) version of ‘Fireshot’ extension overcomes the shortcomings of ‘HTML Elements Screenshot’ i.e. even image data in the submission is also captured as pdf or image file.

The difference in output of both extensions can be seen as below.

This solution has satisfied my need as of now…
Though there is scope for further improvement.


Thanks @mohan_n
For sharing your workaround.