Exporting SurveyMonkey Data to Toolbox and Integrating with DevResults


I am a MEL specialist for my organization and am working with a program team who would like to export data from a previously used SurveyMonkey survey into Kobo so we can distribute the same survey at the end of the program to compare pre/post responses. I know there are other API posts but I couldn’t find any specific to SurveyMonkey or that had been posted within the last year so was hoping someone could please give me step by step instructions on how to upload the SurveyMonkey data to a Kobo form (I’m new to API!).

I also would like to build an integration from Kobo data to DevResults. I believe I can use Postman to create a Kobo API and import into our DevResults site as well, but am unsure of exactly how to do this as well.

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately, there is no direct plug-and-play approach to getting survey monkey data within the platform as you have described.

You may have to create a clear form on KoBooolbox which mirrors your form on Survey monkey. Download your data from Survey Monkey, then try the upload using the approach proposed here


Thanks @stephanealoo ! The hyperlink to the approach you mentioned doesn’t seem to be working for me - could you please paste just the link, so I can copy and paste? Thanks!

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Hi @ascharf, if you are looking for some examples of posting submissions via the API, you can also refer to the threads here and here. There’s also a script here that I use for dummy submission data you can refer to.

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