Failed to connect to server

Salut !! pourriez vous m’aider à résoudre ce problème ?

Welcome to the community, @romainidani22! Could you translate this error message? Also could you let us know on when do you get this error message? These details should help us troubleshoot your issue.

22:07 Uploading a form… Failed to upload list of forms…Collect is unable to reach the server at https://kobo Did you enter the URL correctly? If you continue to have this problem. notify the person who asked you to collect the data. Select all O Refresh it K / 5 104182 כ OK a Download selection

Salut!merci pour la réponse rapide
Voici la traduction du message d’erreur plus haut.
J’ai eu ce message d’erreur lorsque j’ai tenté de télécharger un nouveau formulaire

@romainidani22, so you mean when you tried to get the blank form to the app deployed successfully in your server?


@romainidani22, ok so it seems like you have set the wrong URL while configuring your app. This support article should help you solve this issue: