Features for remote data collection

What specific features and functionality does the Kobotoolbox software offer to facilitate remote data collection?

Welcome to the community, @Ann_survey! KoboToolbox offers 2 different methods for data collection:

  • KoboCollect android app as outlined in our support article:

Thank you for your reply. I was specifically asking about features of remote data collection. How does KoboToolbox help with phone surveys for example? What features can be used to make phone surveys work on this platform. Your reply would be much appreciated.

Could you be more specific with this so that the community should be able to provide you with more details as needed?

Thank you for the reply. Is this platform suitable for conducting phone surveys? For example, does it provide audio recording functionality? What other functionality does it offer to make phone surveys easier?

@Ann_survey, yes, KoboToolbox should be able to support audio recording. The Formbuilder supports a whole list of question types, as shown in the image below:

Besides, the XLSForm should support other question types not listed in the Formbuilder.

Maybe these support article should help you handle audio questions with KoboToolbox: