Form error on questions

@hakan_cetinkaya I hear you
the xls form is attached below:

aBQEt5Kv5SXpz3zcHwbQMJ (13).xlsx (12.4 KB)

I need help with these issues: This form is due by end of day today :cry:

  1. I am not able to get total scores.the message appearing on excel output is ‘NaN’ sometimes its blank.Kindly note the scoring is on selective questions.

The main idea is to have total scores for each form once submitted. So the formulas for total scores are challenging especially that I have a lot of skip logic applied.

3.Once a form is submitted using online submission through a link, how can it completely exit after submission? say when I submit form through the link, it still keeps me on the form page.Possible a user may re-enter thinking it has not been submitted

Thanks in advance for your help

@Faith, maybe you could have a look at this post discussed previously that should help you add variables (not showing NAN):

You could also have a look at our support article Adding Skip Logic to lean how to manage skip logics within a survey project.

@Kal_Lam .Thanks for your response.
Could this expression be valid to calculate my total scores below:


My xls is below
aBQEt5Kv5SXpz3zcHwbQMJ (20).xlsx (13.9 KB)

thanks in advance for your assistance

@Faith, the coalesce should be used as follows:

coalesce(${calculation},0)+coalesce(${calculation_001},0) instead of coalesce(${calculation})+coalesce(${calculation_001})

You could still check out the workaround shared previously.