Form list download failed

Good day,

I am trying to link the KOBOcollect app with the server where my forms are hosted. I copied the URL and pasted in the server spot, but keep getting the message ‘Form list doenload failed’ see screenshot

Could you please share the link you used? Also confirm if you have access to the projects you are trying to connect to. Just to ensure you are doing the right thing, visit our support articles on collecting data with android


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And yes, I have access to the project I am working on, but it keeps giving me the Form list download failed.

You were using the wrong way of setting up the collect. I suggest you look at the article I shared

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I think I did it right. Even got support from an IT-specialist, still we got the same error message.

Hi @Surinaamserodekruis
It seems you did not check the article I shared. I would encourage that you look at some of the articles shared; your solution lies within the article I shared twice as seen on the screenshot below. :slight_smile:


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I succeeded. Thanks Stephane. I didn’t fill in formList under custom server paths.

Thanks for your help.


I am facing the same error but cant seem to solve it. may you please advise how you managed to solve the error message

Welcome to the community, @b_strappes! Would you mind sharing with us the screenshot of General Settings>Sever from your Collect android app? This should help us troubleshoot your issue.

having the same issue can i share my screen shot too?

@luswetiopicho, sure, please. That should be helpful to troubleshoot.

@luswetiopicho, I have responded to you over the private message. That should solve your issue.

Hello. I am having the same issue of “Form list download failed”. Please I need your support.

@soso, the first thing you will need to ensure is to check out the server URL setting to see if they are configured correctly. You could follow the instructions our there (as outlined in our support article):

When I typed the URL on my cellphone, it automatically added a space after each period which I did not see initially and which was hard to spot. Others may have the same issue, but the fix is easy.

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