Form Loading Error when trying to load around 3 737 records populating cascading 5 levels combo boxes

I got the error message on screenshot attached when loading a form of arround 3 737 records populating cascading 5 levels combo boxes, please need help

Do you mean you get this error message when trying to collect data using Enketo? If yes, were you able to collect data with the same in Enketo previously?

Error loading hapends when I want to view form (OPEN) in formbuilder or test in enketo online xlsform convertor

Have you already made submissions or is it a new deployment?

It is a new deployment

Oh, it seems like you have a huge number of choices for the the cascading select (3737 records, which i accidentally missed it out earlier). Have you tried using external selects to cascade a large number of choices. It should load quickly and should also solve your issue.

Would you mind redesigning your cascading select question as outlined in the post discussed previously (it should solve your issue):

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