Form preparation for sending via SMS

I’m researching sending forms via SMS and I’ve found this topic on the ODK forum where is a working example of how the form should look like:

Basically, I was wondering is it possible to allow the users to create a form like this on the Kobotoolbox by allowing them to set appropriate tags.

Hi @djole
I believe the post below addresses the concern you have. In summary, this is no longer supported.


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Thank You, @stephanealoo.

I am aware of that, the idea is to use the default SMS app to send it. I would just appreciate it that there is a possibility to make such a form without having to “manually” change XML.

Unfortunately we do not provide that within the platform. However if you find a workaround, kindly share this so that other user can learn from you.

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I guess the best workaround is to modify the XML and upload such a form as described in the first post I quoted.