Form preview height is not good

Hi, today i have connected to my kobotoolbox account to modify some projects and the preview of the form is not displayed properly, the hieght of the form in the preview is very small and unconfortable.
I’m using windows 10 and chrome last version, I have noticed some User interface changes with new icons and icon’s look&feel, maybe something have been modified concerning preview height when updating.

Same for me.
But yesterday was ok.

Hi @narekandreasyan, @pim_bamatic, unfortunately this is a small formatting bug in the latest update. We will resolve it shortly :+1:

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Thank you for response, can you please check my question? About custom HTML layouts?

Hi, please don’t post things like this on unrelated threads. Our staff is very busy and working their best to help everyone as quickly as possible.

The problem with the form preview height has been solved on as of a few minutes ago. Thanks for your patience!

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Hello @Josh ,
Thanks. Might be a good idea to put a simple Preview (incl. Eye-Modal and Re-edit) check in the fixed test process before a release.
Kind regards

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