Format Time Hour:Minute:Second

Hi everyone,

I am creating a form to do gibbon survey and I would need to record the start time of gibbon call as well as the end time of gibbon call in hh:mm:ss instead of only in hh:mm. I would like it to automatically appear in the form, instead of having the team write the time as it won’t be as precise. Is there a way to change the time format when building the kobo form, to have the second appearing, instead of only the hours and minutes ?

Thank you very much for the help.

Welcome to the community, @Emeline_92! You could use the regex code to solve this issue that has also been discussed previously:

I am quite new to Kobo collect so maybe I did things wrong. I have already tried what it written in this post but that means we will have to type the time for each data, which is not what I want as it takes too long to type and we have a lot of other data to enter, I would like the time to be automatically selected like it does usually (in hour and minutes), as it is very convenient. Like to select the time criteria but that it would appear at HH:MM:SS instead of HH:MM. But it does not seem to be possible. Still thank you for your answer.

You could understand regex more by going through our support article Restricting Text Responses With Regular Expressions.