Formulas calculation (if statement)

Yes, I think there is a syntax issue. Below is what the online validator says. However, I am able to preview the form in my laptop.

I want to ask: Do you have a tubewell?
In choices, I put tubewell in two rows, 1 and 0 as names and Yes and No as labels.

Could this be why I can not ‘get selected’ form on my android?

@TushaarKOBO, check the choices sheet. There should be a label missing.

I can preview my form all right but am unable to deploy my form. I get server error (500).

What should I do?
Appreciate your help.

Today morning I tried again and my form got deployed and I could also download it on my android.

Sorry to have bothered unnecessarily, and thanks a lot.

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@TushaarKOBO great to hear that you have finally solved your issue. :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

I want that if (tubewell) tw is equal to either dtw, etw or stw or either two of them or all of them, the respondent is a water seller; else a water buyer. I tried the following but did not work. can you pl help? Earlier, I tried ‘or’ instead of ‘and’ but that excluded respondent having 2 of three or all three and called them water buyers. Also in that case, ‘water_buyer’ came up on its own and changed only when respondent had a dtw or etw or stw.

if((${tw}=“dtw”)and(${tw}=“etw”)and(${tw}=“stw”), “water_seller”,“water_buyer”,"")

Any guidance appreciated.

I also tried this; but with similar results:

if((${tw}=“dtw”)or(${tw}=“etw”)or(${tw}=“stw”)or((${tw}="dtw"and ${tw})=“etw”)or((${tw}="etw"and${tw})=“stw”)or((${tw}="dtw"and${tw})=“stw”)or((${tw}="dtw"and${tw}="etw"and${tw})=“stw”), “water_seller”,“water_buyer”)

Hello @TushaarKOBO,
this seems a problem of your if logic, not of KoBo, please. You may develop and test your if clause step-by-step, starting with a small combknation.

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Can you please tell me what is wrong with this calculate formula?

if((${yd}<1000),150, if((${yd}>1000), and (${yd}<2500)), 200, if((${yd}>2500), 250,’ '))

I want to say that labour needed is 150 days if crop yield is <1000 kg/acre, 200 days if yield is between 1000 and 2500 and 250 days if yield exceeds 2500 kg.


Hello @TushaarKOBO,
remove the comma before the and.
You may always check your form during development with the Online validator ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x

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Thanks so much. It did the trick.

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This didn’t work for me…if I put 1 , the result is 1. How can I figure out that.

Thank you.

Hi @estalyly, welcome to the community,

Can you share a screenshot of the calculation you use so we can take a closer look?

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It seems you are using the q1 in your note, so it shows the answer of the q1, you need to use the question label of the calculate question :slight_smile:

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