Geopoint collect form display options

Hi @bobbowen,

Would you mind explaining a bit more about the location point you are referring to. Would appreciate if you could provide a pictorial description of the same. It would be easy for the entire community to better understand and respond to your query.

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here is what a geopoint variable looks like in an enketo form on my phone: image .

I would like to have a display option in the form to only display “select your location” and the ‘detect current location’ button here: image

So do not display the latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy text boxes or the map for an interactive pic. Allowing only the ‘current location’ picker

Hi @bobbowen,

That is do you wish to only make a map visible where you could pick up the province or district from your map and not the lat-long details?

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I want to remove the map from the form, also remove the text boxes for manual entry. Leave only the button to pull the GPS location from the mobile device

Are you working with Enketo OR KoBoCollect? (Available map features are different)

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Hi @bobbowen,

Kindly please be informed that if you design a survey form with geopoint (question type) in KoBoToolbox as shown in the image below:

Image 1: Form Designing UI

You should be able to see the data collection screen (in Enketo) as shown in the image below:

Image 2: Data collection screen as seen in Enketo

However, you should be able to see the same question in KoBoCollect android app as shown in the image below:

Image 3: Data collection screen as seen in KoBoCollect android app

Maybe you wish to see something like Image 3 (screen as seen while collecting data in KoBoCollect android app) while collecting data in Enketo. But please be informed that Enketo shows a map by default. Thus, while collecting data in Enketo you do not need to manually input the latitude, longitude, altitude or accuracy. You simply need to click the button (boxed with a red mark) as shown in the image below:

Image 4: Collecting gps coordinates in Enketo

All the necessary details (latitude, longitude altitude and accuracy) should be automatically filled once you click the red box as shown in the image above. But please be informed that you should turn your devices gps location on (before starting data collection).

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Hi Kal, Yes that is what I have been getting, However, as you noted, what I would like to get is a way to override the default display of the map when using Enketo. So all that is displayed is the button in the red box in Image 4. I’m hoping there is a display parameter I can enter in the form design phase that will do this for me.

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Only working with enketo for this application.

Hi @bobbowen,

If you wish to have a data entry form for Enketo that is similar to KoBoCollect android app which does not display the map when trying to collect GPS coordinates, i would advise you to make features improvement request here.

Please be detailed (possibly providing suitable examples) and being specific so that the developers understand your request clearly.

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Hi Kal_Lam, if I may add to this: It would indeed be great if it was possible to use Enketo, with only the direct recording of GPS coordinates enabled (i.e. removing the map and lat/lon fields). The use case would be whenever you want to make sure that the enumerators in the field cannot “manipulate” the location (on purpose or by error). This is actually a very frequently needed use case, as many organizations work with enumerators and need to make sure that the location data is accurate. As you mentioned, that is the default with ODK Collect, but often it is much easier (or the only way) to use Enketo, e.g. when working with iOS devices and/or forms get sent out by WhatsApp to people that don’t have ODK collect installed.

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Hi @burtoso,

Welcome to the community! Thank you for making this features improvement request (based on what @bobbowen had requested):


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thank you for getting this into the feature request stream. it would be a very good improvement for the use of Enketo based forms in field data collection

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Any updates on this? I’m also looking for this feature to simplify GPS data point collection for illiterate end users.

Welcome to the community @tylerocks! Would you mind explaining your issue so that we could help you solve it.

Similar to what has already been said above here: Geopoint collect form display options - #5 by bobbowen

I’d like to be able to use Enketo via an Android mobile device to display a question for getting a single point from a user with the only option for the user to select/see is the “detect current location” button.

agreed, on a small android device it would be good to have the opportunity to only show the “detect current location” option and not show the map picker

HI @bobbowen and @tylerocks
I have extensively reviewed previous tickets and support articles and I realize that this particular approach you are looking for is not supported on Enketo. I believe you should be able to work with the closest approach you could have

It is unfortunate that we are not able to provide you with this solution on Enketo, that is why we provide alternative KoBoCollect for some of the issues raised. The decision still lies on both of you on what you will choose as your data collection approach. We are here to support you.


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I’m planning to use my data collection among illiterate or nearly illiterate farmers and it is important to keep things as simple as possible without overwhelming users with a lot of unnecessary information. As far as I’m aware I was thinking more along the lines of deploying my surveys via Enketo because of the media support to include not just text, but audio and pictures in survey questions as well as ease of updates/installation. This might be a dealbreaker, but we’ll see.

Why do you think there is no photo/media support with Collect? See
Installation can be made very easy with Barcode configuration, just after Collect download. Also form update, automatic deletion of sent cases etc. can be configured.
A risk with Enketo is, that if a user (or app) empties the browser cache before successful submission, these case data are lost definitely.

I was not aware of the barcode/QR Code usage for setting up Kobocollect but that is definitely an epic gamechanging feature. Thank you for helping me out. For those looking for a link this seems to be the best. How to import 'settings' on kobocollect app?

I was aware of media, but it looks like that is harder to deploy because that media would have to be distributed/downloaded to users phones in a specific folder. Would using the QR code from one phone to another allow users to transfer media files? I wouldn’t think so.

Also, I was leaning towards Enketo because I just have to share a link with illiterate/semi-literate users which they could save as a shortcut on their android device. One button, one survey, done. With the Kobocollect app there are six different buttons on the home screen, none of which would be deciphered by illiterate farmers. The process of finding their form, putting their data in and submitting it in the app seems much more problematic.