Geotagging Photos

I have created a form which allows multiple photos to be taken for each submission Only the first photo taken is geotagged. No location data is recorded for other photos within the submission. Is it possible to enable all photos to be geotagged within Kobo? I need all the collected photos to be geotagged.

Geotagging photos is a characteristics of the camera more than the app KoboCollect. Ideally you should ensure that the settings within your camera is set in such a way that location. Also ensure that your location providers are turned on in your phone (link)


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Thanks Stephan, all my photos taken with the default samsung camera have GPS location embedded, however photos taken via KOBO app are stripped of geotag. So it is definitely an issue within KOBO.

Hi @rhama111,

Please follow as outlined below to ensure that the GPS is set on in your device (through the setting mode of the camera):

  • Open camera from your device
  • Scroll down, you will see Location tags or similar phrase depending on the device you are using. Enable the same.
  • Now open your KoBoCollect android app and start filling the blank form to capture photo which requires GPS location.
  • Send the data to the server.
  • Download the image from the server. Right click the image>Select Properties>Select Details. You should be able to see the GPS coordinates with Latitude, Longitude and Altitude.

As outlined by @stephanealoo, I checked out for KoBoCollect and ODK Collect and both the android app captures GPS coordinates as needed.

If this is not working for you, i advise you to collect the GPS coordinates from your device using any of the android app that captures GPS (downloading from the play-store). If you are able to capture the coordinates using the app, you are able to capture the GPS coordinates while capturing the image however, if you are not able to capture the GPS with the app you will not be capturing the GPS while taking image.