Geotrace with geopoint and other question type associated. Preload geopoints as Go-To GPS feature to reviste points

Hi all,

In our otter survey, we need to record a geotrace from the start point to the endpoint of the survey transect. While walking the transect we’ll find signs of the otter’s presence. Each time we find one of these signs, we have to create a geopoint with several “select one question” associated (ie: Is the sign an Excrement; Footprint; Others, etc.?). Once recorded all the information about the sign, we continue walking along the transect.

So, I have two questions:
1- Is it possible to save the geotrace from the whole transect and several geopoints and select one question associated (or other types of questions)?
2- If we want to revisite the next month exactly the same locations where we found an otter sign in the previous survey, is there any way to preload the geopoints recorded in the previous surveys, as a Go-To waypoints feature, as some other applications do?

Thnaks very much in advance

Hi @AngelSS, I’m not sure if I fully understand the requirement for your first point but maybe something like this would work?


type name label
geotrace path Trace out your route
begin_repeat spottings Spottings
geopoint spot_location Location of spotting

You could also combine all the geopoints to create a traced route.

Regarding your second point, you can have a look through this support article and see if it can assist you: Dynamic Data Attachments — KoBoToolbox documentation


Hi Josh.
Thanks very much for your answer. It is a good starting point, but it doesn’t work perfectly. Filling the form with KoboCollect, I can specify the time and precision of each point of the geotrace. Until now it works perfectly. Once I find an otter signal, I have to record information about the sign (spot coordinate and other information associated): Once I finished recording the information of the sign (the spottings) I need to go continue adding points in an automatic way to the same geotrace. But, at that moment I just can return to the geotrace to see or edit the Geotrace, but, it does not keep the configurations I previously defined (ie: automatically add one point every second with a precision of 10 m), and I just find the option to add manually each point to the geotrace (wich for my fieldwork is not a viable option).

Is it possible to continue adding points in an automatic way to the same geotrace?

Thanks very much

Missatge de Joshua Beretta via KoBoToolbox Community Forum <> del dia dc., 13 d’oct. 2021 a les 19:00:

Hi @AngelSS, it looks like the audit meta question type might be able to solve this. I haven’t tested this myself but it’s worth trying: Logging enumerator behavior — ODK Docs

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@AngelSS, this might also be a useful (or fun) addition to the form to trace out a route based on spottings:


type name label calculation appearance read_only
begin_repeat spottings Log of Spottings
geopoint location Where was the spotting
text details What did you find?
geotrace path Your path join(’;’, ${location}) hide-input yes
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