'Get Blank Form' missing form android app

the “get form” function is unavailable/missing form the home page of the android app.

I have followed the instructions on data collection found here: Collecting Data with KoBoCollect on Android — KoBoToolbox documentation. but the button that says “GET BLANK FORM” does not come out in my app (v1.29.3) I note that the instructions say to specify the server I use . I would like to highlight that for some reason the record on my pc specifies URL to be https://kf instead of kc – neither one works to make the missing button available. I am the owner of the form.

Please help. I am a new user and overwhelmed with the information

It’s probably a Collect configuration issue on the device.

The Get Blank Form must be ticked to see the button.

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You could configure the same as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Noted on this, the “get blank form” button is indeed unchecked, but i am unable to change it.
What has worked though, is that i went into general settings-form management- form update-blank form update mode-EXACTLY MATCH SERVER.

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