GPS questions

Can I add boundaries to map questions. The problem is when I add a map question, it shows a map of the whole world, while I want it to be zoomed on a certain district in Alexandria, Egypt.

Welcome to the community, @sarabayar! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you see in your device?

this picture is from my laptop

On my phone, the map doesn’t appear at all.

@sarabayar, you may do it with two clicks from the existing survey form, as shown in the image below:

Image 1

Press 1. That will activate the location. Then press 2 (+) to zoom in.

Alternatively, you could also restrict the map as discussed in the post discussed previously (if you wish to collect your data with Collect android app):

is there a way to restrict the boundaries of the map automatically once any participant opens the survey through the shared link? and is there a way for the map to show on mobile phones.

I have the same problem, that is I would like the visualization of the map to be different, that is, pointing to a specific extent. I won’t use the collect android app so this solution is not an option for me. Also providing written instructions to the respondents is not a good idea, as people tend to skip as much as text they can. Thank you for considering my post!

Welcome to the community, @User_IT! Kindly please be informed that there are some features that are different when collecting data using Enketo aka web forms and the Collect android app. And this is one where you will need to compromize until Enketo supports the same.