Having issues while uploading my xlsform to the server

Hello, I have the same problem when I uploaded survey form (in xlm file).
These issue started yesterday with all my survey forms.

Welcome to the community, @mservellon! Maybe you will need to validate your xlsform through this online validator to identify the duplicates within your xlsform. Maybe this post discussed previously should also help you solve your issue:

Dear Kal:

I validated with the online validator and not errors appear, I not have any duplicate column names…
I still have the problem, please help me.

I attached my survey xml file.
I things these is a problem with kobo because this error appear even if i take a survey in production and download and upload without any change and the errors repeat.

preciosPlazaForm.xlsx (82.6 KB)

Hi, I have been to this issue. Now I’m ok. There are 2 stage

  1. not duplicate name in the name column
  2. If you have $given_name in the row header, please remove the value
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preciosPlazaForm.xlsx (82.7 KB)

Please Remove -version-

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Dear Zinnweaung:

Thanks a lot for support, you save my life.

Best regards