Having issues with select-one-from-repeats

@wroos, you could definitely use select_one_repeats question with KoBoToolbox.

The Form Preview still does not support this as there is still some fix necessary for select_one_repeats to be integrated into the form builder UI.

Yes, you should be able to collect data smoothly with Enketo as well as Collect android app.

KoBoToolbox has no issues with uploading and deploying a survey form that holds select_one_repeats question type in it.

The report view at the moment is affected (if you have select_one_repeats in your survey project) as this question type is not supported in the form builder UI.

You could use it but it depends on how you use it. If you wish to see the custom report on your server or you wish to download the data collected for it in XLS format or you have a repeat group question that downloads the data in XLS format then it’s probably recommended not to use this in your survey project. You could only use them when we fix this up shortly. However, if this is not the requirement for your survey project you could use them and download your data as XLS (Legacy) format smoothly.

Will however update this post once we have any updates.

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