Hidden Data Fields Not Included in Data Export

I have created a form with a hidden text question. After the surveys are submitted, I am adding a specific number in this field. When I download / export the data to xml or csv the answers are not exported. What could be the reason? If I link it into Power BI the responses are showing. It does not make sense to me.

@hassenmeier, I tried downloading dummy data (as CSV export) at my end and could see the hidden question. But let me also let you know that I followed the following steps:

  • Had two dummy questions (one text question and one hidden question) and deployed the form.
  • Made some dummy entries (approximately four submissions. Submitted the submissions to the server.
  • Then, changed the text question to a hidden question and then the hidden question to a text question by downloading the form as XLSForm.
  • Uploaded the form back to the sever. Redeployed the form.
  • Then finally downloaded the data that is there in the server.

@Kal_Lam I just realized that the issue was that I used the disabled option. When I changed it to hidden, it worked. It was not clear to me before that these are the differences.


@hassenmeier, thank you for updating the post with your finding and sharing it with the community!

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@Kal_Lam Now I just realize that I have a different problem. How can I edit the hidden data field in a survey that was submitted? This seems not possible at the moment.

@hassenmeier, you will need to follow this approach outlined here:

Maybe you will need to try this in a dummy project.