Hide link by mask from the status bar and hide "save link address" on Facebook, when publishing polls

I would like to ask you if the following can be done when I publish polls:

  1. Is there a way to hide the link from the status bar or replace it with something other by mask, so that it can not be copied and shared by others?

  2. Is there a way to hide “copy link as” and “save link address” so that it is not shared by others on Facebook

Thanks in advance for your answers


HI @nkardoulas, can you please explain further what you mean by this?

Hi Josh,
When the link of a poll in the status bar appears, one can copy it and share it with many, falsifying the research in favor of someone.
The same can be done on Facebook, since in every post there is the option “copy link as” or “save link address”, thus affecting the reliability of the research

Hi @nkardoulas, unfortunately it’s not possible to prevent people from sharing a link, but you can set permissions for only specified people to fill in the form: Managing Permissions — KoBoToolbox documentation
Alternatively you could require a code to be entered into the form otherwise the content is hidden — although this is not a secure solution as it can be worked around. For example:


type name label relevant
text code Type code
being_group form The form ${code} = ‘some_secret_code’
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