How can I create a form to input phone number in questionnaire?

how can I create a form to input phone number in questioner? please tell me :slight_smile:


Just create “text” question …

Why text ?
integer === it’s have maximum digit
decimal === when we have input phone number, then next, the back again … the number we filled in changed.


I hope this link helps - there are a couple ways you can collect phone numbers, and make sure people enter the right amount of digits.



If the number starts by zero(0) how to do that please ?
I tryed to make like 10 caracters but it is not working .

Welcome @esther32,
As @janna explained just above, you can use a text field, with appearance = number and a regex constraint.

As often, the search function of this forum and the Help Center articles can provide help and examples, see e.g.

If you don’t succeed, provide an extract or screenshot of your XLSForm, please.

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