How can I download the OCHA version of the 'Excel Data Analyzer'?

How can I download the OCHA version? When downloaded can I transfer my data from the other version to the OCHA version?

Welcome to the community, @rludin! Could you kindly provide more details on this so that the community should be able to help you out?

I have a version of Kobo Toolbox that does not support Excel Analyzer. I read in the community that OCHA has a version that supports E-Analyzer. I want to know how I can download that version. Once I download it, can I transfer all my existing surveys to the new version to analyze the data?

@rludin, you can find the same on the OCHA site as discussed previously:

I have downloaded the analyzer. I need to download the Kobo Toolbox version from OCHA that support Excel Analyzer.

@rludin, please be informed that the Excel Analyzer has been dropped from KoBoToolbox’s download since this announcement:

OK noted. What other option do I have to analyze my data using Kobo Toolbox? I use an Apple Operating System iOS through my MacBook Pro.

@rludin, the option at the moment is limited which you should be able to get from the custom reports as outlined in our support article Viewing and Creating Custom Reports. If you wish to use the advanced analysis, you will need to use some third party software such as EXCEL, SPSS, STATA etc.