How can I make auto select age category option based on Month

Hello Expert,
I have the child’s Date of Birth (DOB) Field. It works as auto-calculated the age of the child field. But I also have 4 child age category. Is it possible to auto-selected the child category based on the child’s month?
DOB select


@tanzilhuda, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

I have used that code:
if(${Month} <= 2,1,if((${Month} >= 3 and ${Month} <= 5),2,if((${Month} >= 6 and ${Month} <=8),3,if((${Month} >= 9 and ${Month} <=11),4,if(${Month} >= 12,5,‘’)))))

But it only works on web form review, not ODK app. My app version is: 2022.3.5
What is the problem? I need, that system will work on my ODK mobile app.

@tanzilhuda, could you share the related part of the XLSform with the community? The community should be able to help you then.