How do we collect telephone numbers which start with a leading zero?

The question type should be in text and the appearance should be numbers.

What is the appearance please

Maybe this should help you …

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Hurray. It worked! Thanks for the input ! 20210204_163509|690x388

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We also want to be able to confirm phone number provided earlier which means that phone numbers in a second textbox should match the previous one. How do we achieve that. Any help please?

You could follow this workaround discussed previously (it should solve your issue):

IMG-20210205-WA0009 **Data entry screen as seen in Kobocollect toolbox: (when a wrong entry is made)

Data entry screen as seen in kobo toolbox: (when a correct entry is made)

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Thank you for the guidance

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Hello so a follow up to that, we expect 2 phone number responses in the survey, I.e. a primary number and a secondary number of which we intend to do some mobile cash transfers with the registered phone number (could either be the primary or secondary number). We have managed to do the confirmation for the primary number as the “Momo number” ( registered cash transfer number) but are heaving difficulty linking the secondary number in the case that that is the respondent’s registered number. We need to get the exact secondary number as momo number. Kindly assist

Could you share with the community the dummy of your primary number and the secondary number of how it looks like.

The phone numbers provided in the textbooks are samples of real numbers

*textboxes not textbooks

OK i saw your images but am not very sure on what you intend to do. Could you simplify it again?

We want to link the secondary number to the momo number such that when the respondent types the secondary number as the momo number it will show an error if it’s not the exact number. We have done it for the primary number but we’re are having difficulty merging in the secondary number as well

In this case put the contact number in the constraint_message. It should solve your issue.

Kindly provide details about the constraint message. Thanks

Please see the image of the constraint message as shared in the post shared above.

Please can’t see the image you talking about

OK, maybe you could follow this post to see how to reference a value used previously in a constraint_message: