How do we get rid of the group name in the dataset while downloading data through API?

When is try to export the Kobo Collect Data through API it includes the group name in the header instead of only the name of the field as it gives when we download the data from Kobo Login. What is the reason behind this or how can i export the API data in excel format with only question label as header not the group name in it.

The problem is not when we doiwnload it from the Kobo Login it is absolutely fine but when we try to access the API “” and download the csv or cls it includes the group name in the header.

By default group names form part of the downloaded data and I have not seen a documented way of removing the group names from them when pulling data using API. Let hope other users can add into this if they have done it


How can we get the data with labels and without group name through API because when we use the API it downloads the xls format with group name and with code. I just wanted to know how can we use the API end point to get the data with labels and without group name.

I have just logged a suggestion in the suggestion box - feel free to comment /vote if it would help you!

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