How to avoid contradictive answers

is there a way I can make sure that the respondents can’t select contradictive answers? Here I’m thinking of two different scenarios:

Scenario 1: Select multiple. The question is for example about changes to work since COVID-19, among the answers that the respondent is able to choose there might be some that are contradictive (e.g. “I work less hours”, “I work more hours”). Can I make sure, that that there are some answers that can’t be picked together?

Scenario 2: How to make sure that people don’t pick something contradictive across different questions. For example one question is about gender, the participant choose “male”, another question is about reason for not working, and one of the possible answers they can pick is “pregnancy”. How can I make sure that if you pick something in one question, then there are certain answers with select multiple questions, that you can’t pick then?

Welcome to the community, @annemettebt! Regarding your concern:

Maybe this post discussed previously should answer your query:

You could also add a constraint here for this approach. But the easier approach would be to skip the irrelevant response as outlined in our support article Adding Skip Logic