How to convert DATE pulled from csv using "pulldata", to be used as validations for new date inputs

Dear community

I am trying to use date (pulled) in current form as a validation (constraint/relevant) with some new/input date fields, but is not working. This might be because of the formats are not same. I am unable to change the format to the desired/default format that the form can understand.

Please help me to convert date in a format that i can use in present form.

Screen1: The CSV

Screen2: The present form, where i am pulling the dates.

Screen3: The present form where i am trying to use the pulled dates as validations and calculation

Please help.!

@aditya, this is because the date from the CSV file is stored in the text format. You will need to convert the text format to the date format to make it a date type.

@Kal_Lam thankyou very much. Now it is working as required.

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@Kal_Lam Sorry to reopen the case.

It is working as desired in Enketo. But not in application.

hi @Kal_Lam currently i am using the below format for database, which is easily supporting for enketo.

But when i am using same form in mobile version. It is not working. Is it because of the format of the calendar as below screenshot?

If yes, then how to change it or make it working. Kindly help.


Could you also share a screenshot from Enketo that you say is working?

Thankyou @Kal_Lam

below is the Enketo screenshots

Screenshot of the form.

Attaching the form and dataset (used for pulldata)
Form Deployed.xlsx (30.7 KB)
Child_Baseline.csv (693.3 KB)

Please help.


So basically you want to use that date (from CSV file) for some calculation purpose? Correct?

yes. @Kal_Lam , i want to restrict the enduser from entering any wrong data, as compaired to date from the CSV file.

@Kal_Lam Please suggest the possible solution.

@aditya, I did a quick check but seems like the system did not support converting the date (that was in text format) to the date format from a CSV file. Maybe as a workaround, you will need to add an extra step where the user should input an exact date that is seen from the pulldata and then make calculations based on the date that you entered lately. This is an extra step but should solve your issue.

However, I also leave it to the community to see if the community should have any workarounds.

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@Kal_Lam thanks a lot for the effort and suggestion.

Dear community, please suggest if anyone has any suggestion on this…

Best regards

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Good Afternoon @aditya @Kal_Lam @stephanealoo @Tumaini @edwinaikins if you know of any solution to this situation? I have been trying for several days to get the calculations in various ways and I have not succeeded in KoboCollect. Can you help me? Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation

Here I have also exposed the situation Questions asked

The value extracted with pulldata can only be seen in KoboCollet in text format but any other calculation or action performed behaves as if the value were invisible or non-existent.

no sir, I never figured it out… :frowning: