How to display a selected list from a list of choice

I would like to know how to display some selected list on my form. i .e from the uploaded list, i will like only 3 lga (fufore, ganye and girei to be displayed when a user selects the lga list.



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Maybe you could try out the approach as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Thank you for your response. Kindly note that the idea behind this is to limit the number of LGAs to b shown while having the full list on the “choice” sheet.

See attached file. for further understanding.

Using your shared file as an instance, When a user select "what is your favourite animal? " , Only Animal 1, Animal 2 and Animal 3 is shown while having other animal 4, 5 etc on the choice list.


Unfortunately what you are asking for

Cannot be done without some additional clarification on the order/criteria of showing some the lgas. In essence unless you are using a system such as cascade select, where you will require a pre-grouping categorization before you get to lga to allow for the cascade effect to work. I would thus request that you provide that kind of information to enabling such a grouping that will achieve what you want.

In the meantime, what @Kal_Lam had proposed achieves the partial showing of the list using the minimal appearance list.


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