How to Display Multiple Line of Others Specified as options in Next Question

Hi Kalam,

I have an issue Others Specified responses displaying in next question as options… . For Example I have two questions as below :

Q1. Awareness of Health Centers near your home
A One Clinic
Sumeru Hospital
Arush Hospital
Bir Hospital
Hospital Vayoddha
KMC Hospital
Jarga Poli Clinic
Kalanki Clinic
Spark Health Home
Norvic Health Care

If in above question others is mention maximum 5 others health centers we can type while collecting data.

Q2. Health Centers that you ever visited

On this question all the selected options from Q1 to be displayed including mentioned in Others list depends on how many other centers has mentioned in Q1… Same list of others health centers have to be displayed in Q2….

According to my requirement I have tried calculation part and trying to apply the calculated memory variables in Options sheet but it does not work.

Could you please support/guide me how can I execute as per my requirement ?

For your reference I have attached here xlsform for same…

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Ramesh Pradhan
Displaying Others Specified Label in the Next Questions Option-002.xlsx (19.7 KB)

@rameshpradhan, you should be able to do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

At least in Collect you may use an easier function, see There are also more examples there.

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