How to display the name and phone number side by side?

I hope you are in a good well
In this file, we have an iterative set
Include the name and phone number of the beneficiary
It is expected that the number of entries will reach 15 beneficiaries

After entering the data, I want to get a note that includes the names of the beneficiaries and their phone numbers side by side as shown in the picture
Remember, the number of answers can be up to 15
Please help me implement this
Thank you very much

في الأربعاء، ١٧ نوفمبر ٢٠٢١ ٢:٥٤ م Kal_Lam via KoBoToolbox Community Forum <> كتب:

Beneficiary Name.xlsx (12.7 KB)


You could do it as outlined in our support article Including Responses Inside Another Question. In addition you could also do it as discussed previously:

In addition, you could find other similar topics that has been discussed preivoulsy here.

Thank you for responding, but I want to show the data as a note after entering in one page on the application Kobo the name of the beneficiary and his phone number together to review the information and confirm its authenticity please apply the method to the file that I sent you by previous mail and to you my greetings

@Muhamad_Alqadour, you could display the same in the note question type as discussed in our previous post:

There should be more workaround in the community, please feel free to search it

Sorry, could not understand your query. Could you simplify it out so that the community should be able to understand and help you with it?

Can you apply the method if the type of question select_one

Yes, you could definately do that too with the select_one question type. You could do it as outlined in this post discussed previously: