How to download forms in PDF?

Sorry I am new to the platform and I want assistance on downloading forms in PDF.

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Hi @dmagunda,

Welcome to the community. Follow the steps provided below to print your survey questionnaire built in KoBoToolbox:

  • Select the project (whose survey questionnaire you wish to print in PDF)
  • Select FORM
  • Select Preview/OPEN (which is under the Collect Data)
  • Select the Printer Icon
  • Choose Save as PDF under the Destination
  • Select Print
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I know this way but this does not print the value against the responses. Which is crucial in times of analysis.

Hi @mdzahid,

If you wish to print out the value as well, you will need to label the values as well e.g. the names of fruits could be labeled as 1. Mango instead of Mango alone.

Dear Kai,
allow me to add some further hints.
We are still looking for a more complete print-out option.
Kind regards

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Hi @wroos,

At the moment printing questionnaire in KoBoToolbox will not be able to show you the skip logic, validation etc. however, you could use the hints to show that a questions has either a skip logic or some validations in it.

Dear @Kal_Lam,
thanks! We are especially using/adding guidance_hint, which is always printed in pdf, (but its visibility can be configured in KoBoCollect).
For more complexity, we add a note, with required = FALSE, which will only show (gray) in the pdf print-out, but never in the app.
Best regards


Hi @wroos,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful knowledge to the entire community! Your response should help the entire community users!

Have a great day!

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Thank you for your answer

I have another difficulty in a printing problem in this sense, How to print all the form with the answer of all the respondents in one file if possible make a filter and print. Here is the problematic which could allow an update of the functionality of KOBOTOOLBOX.
Because I had to print the answers of each respondent according to their survey city

Hi @cherifmad
Unfortunately, this functionality is not available within the platform.


Hi @cherifmad, it is possible to automate this outside of the Kobo platform by filtering the submissions based on your criteria and then using something like puppeteer to automate the printing to PDF with a headless browser.


Thanks @Josh
I will try, even though I am not a computer scientist and a coder. I will try and if I have difficulties I will send you a message.
If possible, when I understand the process, I will make a tutorial and give the way to the Kobotoolbox community to help someone


Hola @cherifmad, como realizaste el proceso para imprimir las respuestas de cada encuestado?

Agradecería muchísimo tu ayuda.