How to include an answer to a text question in a follow-up select multiple question


I am trying to figure out how to include the answer of a text question into the list of avalaible choices for a follow-up select multiple question.

Welcome to the community, @lastpierre! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks @Kal_Lam. Actually, here is my situation,

I first ask to choose the country where the project takes place, then i filter the different partners of this country for a select multiple question.I also give the opportunity to choose àutre and to specify the name of the missing organisation. (Image 1)

I would then like to use this text answer in a second select_multiple list or even in any other type of question.

Survey tab

Choices tab

demo kobo.xlsx (13.7 KB)

@lastpierre, maybe this is what you are seeking that has already been discussed in the community before?

Thanks agani @Kal_Lam. I was actually looking for the substr function to extract the name of the missing organisation. My concern now is to be able to use this label in a new select multiple question.

In my data entry screen:

Survey sheet:

last part of my choices sheet:

How do we display the text for “Other” in the second question?

@stobira, could you please provide more details if the above thread does not answer your query? A sample question with choices should be more helpful for us to understand your issue.