How to limit the number of group repeat in a group

Hi Users, Would like to know if its possible to limit the number of repeat group a user can add when collecting data.


Hi @caslas,
This is possible.

What is the format of your questions?
For example, are you asking the collector: How many times do you want to repeat this set of questions?

And then you repeat the group based on the number they enter?

If so, you could put a validation criteria on the question “How many times do you want to repeat this set of questions?”
It would be like this, for example, if you didn’t want them repeating the group more than 10 times:

But if this isn’t what you’re asking, then let us know, and we can try to help out with whatever your specific case is.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for your help.
its a question that is meant to be repeated for like 10 people.Below is an image example.
Repetition of the group form should be done for just 10 people.


Hi @caslas
You can constraint group repeat by repeat_count.


Hello @caslas. So is this possible to be done via the Kobo GUI and not via the XLSForm. Thank you

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it’s possible in XLSForm too.

Dear @wroos thank you so much. This was very helpful