How to link the codes submitted to a given codes inserted in a csv file!?

I am trying to link the codes inserted by the enumerators to a given codes inserted from a csv file, the point is to give an error message that the code is incorrect if it is not found in the csv file, and the enumerator won’t be able to continue the survey unless he/she correct it.
Please note that the codes are random numbers and letters, they are not arranged from 1-100 or 100-1000.

Hi Unfornutally the error message is not currently applicable, but you can go around it to find a solution. You can use the dynamic data attachment(find the link below) and add questions that will bring value from the .csv file, such as gender, age, etc. And you can make this question ready only and mandatory. So if the code is not matching, the question will be empty, and as it is mandatory, they will not be able to submit the form.

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