How to navigate questions in a blank survey form?

I would like to add a hyperlink to a question, whereby respondents can click on the link that guides them to a question/group in the form. Is this possible with Kobo?

Hi @Bertha
Could you best describe this using a detailed example? For the moment, I think this may not be doable with what you have explained; you may want to look at skip logic; I however may be wrong so explain your issue as detailed as possible for the community to respond to the same.


@Bertha, are you trying to refer to something like this that has been discussed in one of our previous posts:

Thanks Stephane,
Skip logic is not ideal, just like we have anchor links that take one to a specific section, I would like such.

Hi Kal,
thanks for your response however, this is not what i am looking for.

My questionnaire has grouped questions, I want to have a section where I can outline the different groups and add a link to the group, not necessarily using skip logic.

Maybe you could use navigation. It’s available with Enketo as well as Collect android app. For e.g. the navigation in Enketo should look something like this:


And the navigation in Collect android app should look like this:

Thanks Kal, this should be helpful. Kindly share a link to the how to if available. Thanks.

The navigation is available in the data collection form. All you need to do it navigate the page carefully when you are in a blank form (whether it be the Collect android app or with Enketo).

Thank you Kal.
I have seen it

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Hi Kal,

Only one question displays at a time, is it possible to dictate how many questions can display for each page?

No this is not possible. It is something controlled by the system.

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