How to prefill/default user data on your form

I can see from the enketo v2 api you can request a copy of a survey prefilled with data.

I need to prefill a reference, user name and a few other key pieces of information.

Are these api’s accessible via kobotoolbox, if so I can’t seem to work out how, can you help?

Many Thanks in Advance

Hi @adammills,

Please see the image below on where to input your default response while building a survey form.

Thank you for responding, however I am looking to programatically provide a default by means of the enketo API as linked above, enketo is capable I’m just not sure if kobo have these exposed?

Hi @adammills Adam, I have the same question you have.
Did you find out how to access the Enketo API from within KoboToolbox?

If i have a multiple choice question how would I do that?

Hi @empowernoor,

Would you mind having a look at the discussion that has been discussed earlier. It should solve your issue.


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That’s so kind of you.

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