How to print the preview modal

Someone can help me? how can I print the preview modal? I want this type of view directly with kobo or any external js tool

I am not sure this is possible. However, you can simply click Form > Open and then click the printer icon. It should be the same.

If I edit the form row, I can print it but as it were fill it in physical format, for that reason I want print the preview only showing the answer filled by every question. Can you help me

We do not have this as an inbuilt functionality. However you can print using third party apps that print to PDF or directly to an external printer (search online for what works for you). In this case however, you will still not find a way to only print the preview but rather the entire content on your browser.

Hope this helps


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Dear Julian,
maybe the following is also interesting for you.

To create a fall-back paper-format of the questionnaire for the field work, we will probably use the KoBo print function and then do external editing with pdf-editor. (A more flexible print-out option in KoBo is missing. )

Kind regards
Wolfgang Roos