How to revert finalized form from server for recollecting data using kobocollect app?

Struggling with this situation a lot… seeking for help and advice…

Situation: The data collector already sent the form to the server from the Kobocollect app. But during the data monitoring, multiple false data have been observed against multiple variables. The data monitoring officer wants to revert the form to the data collector from the server. As a part of the solution, the data collector will receive the reverted form in the Kobo collect app and will recollect the correct data against selected variables.

Seeking for solution: What is the way to revert finalized sent forms in the kobo collect app from the server for recollection. If it is not possible in the kobo collect platform then is there any freeware platform that has this feature?

Thank you in advance.

Welcome @orchisman,
unfortunately this is not possible as local copy.
But you can edit on server level, with access for one user even.
See more, using the help center and the - always recommended - search function of this forum, e.g.


@orchisman, this support article should also be helpful for you:

Editing Responses in Multiple Submissions

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Thank you for the response

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