HTML code on note lables not displaying on my form

Hello, im trying to use HTML code on my XLS form to display notes and lables with colors and different sizes, but is not doing it, instead, its showing the HTML code on my web form and android app. This is the code im using on the xls form, this is a label/note type:

Cédula: <font color= "#FF0000">${Cedula}</font><br/>

and it is showing like this:


If anyone knows how should be done or how to enable html tags for doing this would be really appreciated,

@eandrade, could you also share with us the screenshot of the Collect android app?

I have the same issue, @eandrade. At hints, the html code works, but on named groups, for example, it doesn’t.

Welcome back to the community, @harlanrodrigo! Does this also happen with Collect android app?

Hi, @Kal_Lam! Yes, both with Collect app and browser version. Let me show to you some prints, but it is in portuguese.

"Gestão do Território" is the name of a group and I tried to put it in italic, but bold it’s the same situation.



But, when I use the same html code in “Núcleo Comunitário da Defesa Civil (NUPDEC)” like below, it worked:


I’m a really beginner at html, so it’s possible that I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you!

@harlanrodrigo, if using HTML is an issue, why not try the markdown? You should be able to learn more through our previous post: