I am also having a problem accessing a deployed form on Kobo Collect


I am also having a problem accessing a deployed form on Kobo Collect. I can access the form when logging in with the same account to the KoboToolbox online, but it is not appearing on my Kobo Collect app on my mobile device.

My device is connected to the internet and I have been checking and refreshing the “Get Blank Form” page. I have had no issues downloading new versions of other forms over the past weeks and months, but this new form which was recently deployed by my organization is not showing up. Furthermore, some of my colleagues have been able to receive the new form, but one other colleague has not.

I would gladly welcome any advice on how to fix this issue, thank you!

Welcome to the community, @slovakia_office! Checking to see if you have configured your Collect Android App correctly as outlined in this support article:

Hello @Kal_Lam,

Thank you for your reply. I believe my device is configured correctly. I reviewed the article and followed the steps to manually enter project details, but it informed me that account was already added to my device and asked if I would like to duplicate the project. This is what I had thought, as I had already been receiving other kinds of deployed forms to my device without an issue, it was just these two particular new forms that were not deploying to my device. As mentioned, they did deploy to my Kobo Toolbox account, however.

Is there anything else you would suggest might be the cause?

Thank you in advance!

@slovakia_office, could you kindly share the screenshot of your Settings>Server from the Collect Android App you have on your device? Maybe that should give me a clue of what could be wrong.

Hello @Kal_Lam,

Sure, here is a screenshot of the server settings! Thank you!

@slovakia_office, I see four issues here:

  • The first issue is the URL. It should simply be https://kc-eu.kobotoolbox.org if you are using the EU server formally known as the OCHA server.
  • The second issue is the use of KC capital letters instead of the kc. To correct this, simply use the URL shared above (if you are using the EU server.
  • The use of the username tutapona at the end of the URL is not needed. Please see the URL shared at the top. It should only be the URL. There is no need to keep the username at the end of the URL.
  • The user is conflicting. Is it tutapona or slovakia_office? Use the correct one.

As advised in my previous post, please follow the article properly to configure your app. It should solve your issue.

Hello @Kal_Lam,

Thank you very much, you were correct and that did solve my issue!

Much appreciation,

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